The 1487 Brewery Mug Club Tier 1 is an annual subscription that starts February 1 and renews on February 1.  To make the cost fairer for those who purchase in March and beyond, we provide the following Coupon Code that will discount the $180 annual cost by $10 in March 2021 (subject to availability of Mug Club lockers).


Note:  The Mug Club Tier 1 will renew at the regular annual price.


Mug Club Tier 1

$180.00 for 1 year

The initial 1487 Brewery Mug Club Program begins on Feb 1, 2021, and renews annually on Feb 1.

Currently limited to a total of 84 possible spots.

Tier 1 Includes:

  • 1 (one) 20oz 1487 Mug.  Keep the mug at the end of the year.
  • All beers under 7% ABB. Club Member pays the regular pour price and receives a 20 oz pour. Note: Higher ABV beers >7% are excluded.
  • Guaranteed 2 early release events (early access to new beer, before the general public) per year.
  • Mug Locker with a key to store your mug on site
  • Advertisements, personalized stickers are welcomed to be displayed on the bottom of your mugs (seen by the public when the mug is in the locker). 1487 Brewery reserves the right to remove any we deem to be in poor taste.



First payment: February 1, 2022

Don’t forget!

In March 2021, type in the following coupon code to save $10 off the initial first year of the Mug Club Tier 1 (subscription renews at full price Feb 1, 2022)



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