1487 Brewery Helles Lager Crowler & Growler

Two Terrific Options

1487 Brewery currently provides two options for those who would like to enjoy our beers outside our taproom – either with a take-out order or by ordering online currently for pick-up.

We have two types of containers:

  1. Growlers
  2. Crowlers

1) Growlers

1487 Brewery Growler

The Growler is a large, 64oz Glass container that is first sanitized and then filled by the brewer with the beer choice desired.  The Growler is sealed with a counter-filled pressure that traps the beer’s flavor and carbonation.  While the process provides you the opportunity to enjoy taproom quality anywhere desired, they do require refrigerated storage and will remain fresh for approximately 3 days.

1487 Brewery Glass Growler containers are returnable.  Therefore, we include the $5.00 deposit per container in the cost of our various Growlers.  Return your empty and undamaged Growlers (1487 Brewery only) and we will refund your complete $5.00 investment.  We will recycle and sanitize for re-use.

2) Crowlers

1487 Brewery Crowler

The “Crowler” is a 32oz Aluminum Can that is filled at the brewery using a special process to both sanitize and then purge the container of all CO2 prior to filling with the desired beer.

Purging depletes the can of beer-degrading oxygen and ensures optimum carbonation and flavor.  After filling, the crowler is placed in our special machine that applies a lid, turns, and then locks the lid under pressure into a seamer.  The result is tap-room quality flavor sealed in your very own aluminum crowler for enjoyment at home and away.  Crowlers are for single-use and empties should be recycled—as with any discarded aluminum beverage cans.

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