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We only accept group reservations with groups of 10+, paying a single check, and with a down payment.

We have six rules for group reservations. Please, read them before submitting the form.

    Your first name: Your email: Your telephone number: Date of your reservation: Time of your reservation: Length of your reservation: A number of guests expected and table size: Preferred seat area: Additional comments:

    Group reservations

    Below are the six terms for group reservations. If you have any further questions, please mail us at

    1. How will we confirm your reservation?

    By submitting a form to us we will contact you to confirm availability and plan for any accommodations! Please note: Reservation requests for parties 10+ must be submitted at least 48 hours before your planned reservation.

    2. Down Payment

    By reserving a table with your group we will determine a down payment for the allotted time and group size. Down payment will be paid via phone or in-person after booking & contracts are confirmed. The downpayment goes towards your bill on the day of your event!

    Single checks for parties unless pre-approved with management. See the term 3. Single Check

    3. Single Check

    To ensure your quality of service all group reservations must be paid on a single check.

    4. Time to Event (48h)

    Reservation requests for parties 10+ must be submitted at least 48 hours before your planned reservation.

    5. Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations made 30+ days prior to your event are entitled to 50% of the down payment refunded. Cancellations less than 30 days will not be refunded, though they can be re-scheduled.

    6. Group Size Exceptions

    We only accept reservations for 10+, but we understand you may have a small group for special events (baby showers, birthday parties etc.).

    We can make exceptions, but they will require a down payment and a single check. Please, fill out the form for a single table (10+) and provide notes in the comment box.

    Did you know we also brew community events?

    We host an array of community events including live music, annual Oktoberfest, trivia night, and a Euchre League to name a few! 

    checkout the upcoming events
    checkout the upcoming events


    Discover our famous 1487 menu
    Discover our famous 1487 menu