1487 Brewery is now closed

Our Vision was to set up a culture of Gemutlichkeit, that is one of community, providing a sense of belonging.  The last week of operations proved to our team that we achieved it.

To: Our team who hung in there until our final moment,

To: Our team spouses who volunteered in our final moments,

To: Our investors that supported us through our final moments,

To: Our prior team members that came back to support in our final moments,

To: Our vendors who volunteered and stepped in to help us run the kitchen on our last day,

To: The couple that had their first date at 1487 Brewery and are getting married this year (that wanted our mugs at your reception),

To: The gentleman who celebrated his 100th, 101st and a few weeks ago his 102nd Birthday with us,

To: The pregnant woman who asked what beer would keep in a can until June so you could
enjoy 1487 one last time,

To: The couple that met at 1487 Brewery by chance and are getting married this year,

To: The young lady that returned after hosting her baby shower at 1487 a few weeks back to show us their ultrasound pictures,

To: Our friends at Honda, wowsers, did you like to party and were always fantastic,

To: Our friends at Ohio Pet Charities where we aided in many adoptions through partnering with Biergarten events,

To: Our friends at Dublin & Hilliard Alumni associations for hosting so many events with us,

To: Our friends at Dalton Union, Endeavor Brewing, Rhetoric Brewing, Walking Distance Brewing, and our other Brewery friends,

To: Our Industrial Parkway Association friends,

To: Visit Dublin friends,

To: Union County Chamber of Commerce friends

To: All of our community that showed the massive support for us in our final moments,

We couldn’t have achieved 3.5 years of success in Plain City without you.


You have filled our spirits and enabled our team to look back and appreciate our times together and realize our memories, friendships and relationships live on!